At FTX we focus on three factors with our training

  1. What the client needs
  2. What the client wants
  3. How to maximize both safely

We recommend that all clients get a medical evaluation before training to uncover any possible issues that may create compensation patterns in the future. Our trainers and medical staff are in consistent communication game planning together how to maximize each session for each client. By having an entire team behind the programming for each client, we can ensure that the sessions address all precursors while being challenging and engaging allowing the client to feel better, look better, and move better. Our team is always learning, growing, and investing in ourselves so we can better invest in you.

What we do here at FTX is so far and away better than what clients will receive anywhere else that we considered changing the name to something more fitting.

At FTX we have everything that you could ask for and more; elite trainers, sports medical professionals, nutritionists, etc. Whatever your goal is, even if it is so far-fetched that it seems like a dream at the moment, IT IS POSSIBLE, and we can help. We are in this field because we love what we do and we are passionate about helping people. Utilize the plethora of resources that we have and go all-in on your goal.

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