What is FTX Wellness?

FTX is a third party, full service provider of wellness services to the recovery community.

What are wellness services?

FTX is proud to provide physical therapy, chiropractic, therapeutic exercise, massage, acupuncture, 12 step Yoga and nutrition services with licensed professionals.

Where does FTX work?

FTX offers remote services at recovery centers throughout South Florida and at our 9,000 sq ft headquarters in Boca Raton.

How are clients scheduled?

FTX has a full time scheduler to insure that all scheduling needs are met.

Who pays for it?

FTX submits claims to insurers on the patient’s behalf for services that are provided based on medical necessity.

What if a recovery center does not want FTX to bill insurance?

FTX is happy to provide centers with a fee for service on a per patient basis.  Invoices are produced for centers twice a month.

Do patients pay?

FTX does offer concierge services for some centers and patients.  Those patients receive a fee schedule prior to scheduling appointments and invoices twice a month.

What happens if I get a bill?

FTX does not directly bill patients, however you may receive an Explanation of Benefits from your insurance company.

What does FTX charge?

For commercial insurance carriers, FTX charges 2x the medicare fees for services which is standard in the industry for out of network providers.  For recovery centers, we have a sliding scale.  For concierge clients, we have a weekly rate for services.

What if patients in recovery to do not want FTX services?

Many patients in recovery are dealing with pain.  FTX treats that physical dysfunction to complete the recovery process.  In addition, there is a lot of emerging research that articulates the benefits of therapeutic exercise for patients in recovery.   At any time, patients may refuse treatment.  Medical release forms are readily available to those who wish to opt out of treatment.