Yoga is a practice that’s been used for thousands of years to soothe the mind and challenge the body.

The benefits of yoga have gained significant popularity in recent years, but it is more than a fad.

In fact, yoga is beginning to expand beyond typical class spaces like a studio or a gym. In fact, CEOs are introducing workplace yoga to offer employees physical benefits and boost workplace morale.

Today, we’re discussing a few reasons why this health-focused initiative is a great idea.

Ready to learn more? Let’s dig in!

1. Help Employees Feel Better

Many people who work a desk job develop severe back pain, which can lead to taking sick days at the company’s expense.

In the past, such discomfort has caused an entire country 40% of 7.6 million missed working days. The pain develops over long periods of sitting in one position, but it has multiple repercussions when employees have to take days away from the office.

Why not be proactive and address this issue by soothing their pain in-house?

Workplace yoga addresses pain before it becomes chronic, and soothes the mind as well.

It can be one of the most effective hours an employee spends at the office. The time to step away from their desk gives people an opportunity to log into the things going on in the body.

2. Improve Company Performance

Although yoga is commonly known as a form of exercise, the mental benefits are just as clear as the muscle definition.

When employees become more mindful, the whole company benefits.

By integrating workplace yoga, it’s common for companies to see a rise in productivity rates, as well as more creative, innovative ideas, come through the funnel.

This is because employees now have a space to let peripheral things go and focus on their tasks at hand. They have an improved sense of clarity as they return to responsibilities, and overall morale improves too.

3. Reduce Negative Behavior

Yoga is a form of meditation.

It brings people in tune with their breathing, opens their perspective to challenges and opportunities in life, and calms the ego.

Such mental breakthroughs can shift the energy in the office from tense and stressed to be more collaborative, understanding, and welcoming. It transforms the way departments interact and employees handle frustrations with one another.

Yoga actively combats the physical effects of stress at work, too.

This includes obesity and eating disorders, as well as heart disease – all better kept at bay with an employee yoga program.

Plus, yoga reduces the amount of time employees have to take off. It can save companies thousands on sick days or personal time many feel pushed to take when their pain or mental health pushes the limits.

Roll Out the Welcome Mat to Workplace Yoga

Give your people the chance to roll out their mat at work and see how the benefits roll in.

Workplace yoga may be the missing piece in someone’s routine, no matter if they are a department manager or entry-level intern.

It is the chance to relieve the body and the mind, and that’s something we can all use.

Are you ready to feel the difference yoga can make for yourself? Contact us today.