Recovery Lounge

The recovery lounge is a private lounge exclusive for FTX members to maximize all of their post workout recovery needs and more. The recovery lounge includes: An infrared sauna, Cold Plunges, Normatec Compression Boots, Theragun, Heating Pads, and Inbody Machine to track and set goals.

  • The infrared sauna has many health benefits such as: improving circulation, stimulating collagen production and reducing inflammation.
  • Cold Plunges help to improve circulation and reduce swelling.
  • The Normatec Compression Boots help to improve circulation and reduce soreness.
  • Theragun is a massage gun that helps to relieve muscle pain.
  • Heating pads help relax muscles and the ice packs help to reduce swelling.
  • The InBody machine is used to track progress and set goals.

All of these items are available for use in the recovery lounge.

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